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A recording of a drama session at Mittelschule Herrenbach in Augsburg, with Year 5 pupils, on the theme of "Lost in Augsburg." 


The session was led by Iona Towler Evans. The video includes planning for the session, and reflections afterwards.

Video in English



This is a recording of a teacher training event on the Commission Model, held at the school in Augsburg. 


It is led by David Allen, who discusses the use of "sign" in drama, and the idea of drama work as a "laboratory."  

Video in English


AGE GROUP: 12-14

THE COMMISSION: Students were commissioned by the discount chain Norma, to produce and present advertising materials to explain “Sustainability” and sustainable products (of NORMA) to their peers and to their families.



The students …

  • undertook a survey on sustainability in their families: What do they know about it (and sustainability seals) and do they buy sustainable products?

  • produced materials to show differences between products produced as cheap as possible and sustainable, fair products.

  • found out which sustainable and fair products “Norma” offers. (a “rally” in the shop!)


  • ... found out and explained, how customers are informed about the quality of products by seals and logos (like e.g. fair trade).

  • produced different materials to explain these seals and logos in a way that was suitable, interesting and understandable for their peers and families: These could be texts, brochures, video-clips, power point presentations or other forms of presentation.

  • presented their materials to peers, managers of NORMA, to the school authorities, and to the international Erasmus team.

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Teacher in role as hook / way into the scenario “fair trade/ fair clothes”:

A teacher took on the role as Taslima Taslima, a 30 year old worker at “Rana Placa” in Bangladesh. Students asked her about her life and found out about the tragedy at Taslima´s working place in 2013, when 1134 people working there as seamsters died in a fire.


Taslima talked with the students about the working conditions and why these people died for the sake of cheap prices. She showed some of the textiles she had produced. (The tragedy of Rana Plaza is real. The company produced for Benetton, Primark, KiK, C&A, Adler, Zara, Mango, NDK, Bon Marche, Walmart and H&M.)



Preparation for vocational life and housekeeping: The value of work, child labour, market economy and trading, housekeeping, balanced budgeting, healthy and sustainable nutrition


German: Produce appealing texts  by using different media and recipient focus; revising texts in groups


IT: Writing and revising text documents in word, using and producing different media; learning about copyright and free images.


Social studies: global trading – terms of trade; resources and industrial production;  reasons for poverty in developing countries; protection of children´s rights

Verantwortungsvoll einkaufen_page-0001.jpg


A lot of materials were created by the students


  • appealing texts and information

  • powerpoints / brochures

  • short video clips 

and were published and presented to ...

  • teachers and classes at the school;

  • teachers and classes of our partner school (elementary school);

  • the school authority;

  • two seminar groups of teachers from 10 different Swabian schools (multiplier event);

  • the management of NORMA;


and published on the school website MS-Herrenbach



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