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Mantle in Turkey:

Pagev Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

Pagev Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi is a technical high school in Gebze, Turkey. We present two projects: one for English (led by Fahriye Gürarslan) and one for Turkish Language and Literature (led by Sevgi Akbaba).  

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Class  Year 10 (ages 15-16)


English - heroes; talking about imaginary situations; your personal superhero; describe a hero that the students created

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'Enjoy and Learn' Creative Material Design (designs materials, models, poster etc. for companies especially aimed at children)

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We did some research into 'What is a Material Design company?' We looked at some websites for these kinds of companies.

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Building the 'Frame'

We developed our own corporate identity. We made some designs to show clients as promotional materials. We mostly focused on things that we thought would get the attention of children.

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Introducing the 'client' and the 'commission'

The 'client' came to our office and explained the situation. He was a Toy Manufacturer. He urgently needed designs for a new range of superheroes (posters, models, painting books etc.) for the New Year. His own company had lost all their own designs in a fire - and he needed new designs within two weeks.

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Fulfilling the 'commission'

We did some research into superheroes (e.g.'Spider-Man'). We thought what kind of superhero we would like to be. In groups, we brainstormed ideas for new superheroes - using as a starting point, some burnt remains of the original designs which the client had rescued from the fire. Groups prepared models and drawings for a range of merchandise

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The 'publication'

Finally, all the plans prepared by the enterprise were sent to the client, who confirmed that the company had won the contract to produce the 'superheroes' range.

Click on the first video to hear Fahriye talk about the 'Superhero' project; and on the second video to hear about another Mantle project at the school

The following project was led by Sevgi Akbaba

Class Year 11 (ages 16-17)

Curriculum  Turkish Language and Literature Lesson, general features and artists of national era, literary texts of national era, novels, stories etc.


Exhibition Designers


We researched exhibitions, and considered what attracts visitors’ attention most.

Building the 'Frame'

We considered ways of using drama elements in an exhibition to convey information about a subject. We watched videos of street artists who are ‘living statues,’ to examine their techniques.

Introducing the 'commission'

Our client, the Municipal Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs, sent us an email to explain the commission: to organize an exhibition for the 19th May Youth Festival, to introduce young people to some of the authors of the National Era.  

Fulfilling the 'commission'

We took some extracts from well-known novels of the National Era. We looked at some of the characteristics of the era, e.g. the position of a novelist in a time of war. We also talked about public power in a difficult situation. The team prepared 'living statues' based on famous authors

The 'publication'

We presented the exhibition to an international delegation. The 'living statues' were inanimate, but when a visitor touched them, they spoke.

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