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What is Mantle of the Expert?

In a nutshell... Mantle of the Expert is an enquiry method of teaching which engages pupils as active learners, and enables teachers to meet their curriculum targets. Pupils are asked to take on the idea of working as a fictional "enterprise" or expert team. They carry out a variety of tasks, to complete a purposeful "commission" from a "client."

Mantle of the Expert was created by Dorothy Heathcote. In these pages, we will outline some of the "rules" of the system as she saw them.

There's no set way of planning a Mantle project, but we have broken it down into some key elements and stages. Click on the links below for more details.

There is also a page called Funeral Home, which outlines a "Mantle" which Dorothy once demonstrated to a group of teachers, as a model example of the system in practice.

A section called Training Matters includes videos of Dorothy Heathcote, Luke Abbott, and Iona Towler-Evans. There are also examples of the system being used in different countries - see Mantle in Europe.

The videos on this page offer An Introduction to Mantle of the Expert; and Tips and Encouragement in using Mantle. For more Mantle videos, click here.

You can also find information about Mantle on the website.

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This Guide was produced as part of our Erasmus Plus project on Dorothy's "Rolling Role" system

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