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Mantle of the Expert Videos

On this page, you will find videos introducing the Mantle system, with examples of projects in schools. Firstly, two videos showing Dorothy being interviewed by Gavin Bolton. In the first, she talks about the origins of Mantle, and some of its features and demands. In the second, she responds to the suggestion that her work might be divided into different "periods."

Teacher TV series, BBC 1981

Some early "Mantle" videos: Putting in the Bone (1975); Sanctuary (1979);

Foresters of Dudley (1982); Dorothy Heathcote at Four Oaks (1985)

These videos are based on the "Gardeners of Grantley" project (1984).


They include extracts from the film of the project, together with commentary by Dorothy Heathcote.

The next two videos are records of projects at Nonsuch Primary School in Birmingham. The first is with a Year 2 class, who were in the "frame" of people running an animal welfare centre. they called themselves "The Greatest Vets." The second is with a Year 5 class, who were in the "frame" of a publishing company encouraging young people to read. They called themselves "Need to Read." The projects were led by Midland Actors Theatre (UK).

The following videos look at different aspects of the Mantle system. Luke Abbott looks at starting points for a Mantle project. The first video shows Luke using simple objects - some keys and a sheet, as a starting point or  "way in." The next video shows how Luke moves into drama from this simple beginning.

The third video focuses on "Creating the island" (i.e. the drama "context"); and the final video looks at the importance of the "Responsible Team."

David Allen: "Sky Jet 7"


In this video, David Allen discuses how Mantle engages the class, and integrates the curriculum. He uses the example of a Mantle project he led, which had a curriculum focus on India. The children were in the "frame" of people running a travel agency, which they called "Sky Jet 7." For more information on the Sky Jet 7 project, click here  

Iona Towler-Evans: "Ways-in"

In these videos, Iona Towler-Evans looks at some "ways in" to Mantle. In the first , she explains the principle of "Starting a few steps back." In the second and third videos, she goes through the first stages of a Mantle about "The Office of Lost Things."

You can also find videos on Mantle, on the website

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