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The Commission Model in Turkey

Yücel Boru Fen Lisesi, Kocaeli

"Promotional Magazine" Commission

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We were commissioned by the School Principal to prepare a "Promotional Magazine" for the school


9th Grade (13-14)


Layout and design

Writing Text

Translation (into English)

Checking grammar and spelling

Taking photos

Interviewing teachers for information

Researching school data on the internet 


Before conducting interviews and surveys to learn about the needs of different groups, the students tried out ways to communicate with them, through drama episodes in the classroom; and they identified strengths and weaknesses.



Writing a text, sharing it with others, eliminating grammatical mistakes, learning new vocabulary, and spotting and correcting language errors.


Writing and reading English texts, using new vocabulary in sentences, paying attention to rules of grammar.


The resulting school magazine is on display in the school, showing the work done by the students. It was also distributed to many people such as parents, teachers, and other institutions, who purchased the magazine to get more information about the school.

You can download the magazine here (in Turkish and English)

The Commission Model in Ankara

We held events on the Commission Model at the Çağdaş Drama Derneği'nde (ÇDD) in Ankara


Videos in Turkish

We have produced a booklet on the Commission Model.

You can watch a video version here, or download the booklet

We also held an online seminar on Mantle and the Commission Model. Topics discussed included:

• Dorothy Heathcote in Turkey

• Mantle and the Commission Model

• What is drama?

• Teacher training and support

“Why should they care?”


Featuring Fahriye Gürarslan, Ihsan Metinnam, Gökhan Karaosmanoğlu, David Allen, Iona Towler Evans, and more

In English

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Erasmus Plus 2019 - 22

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