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Mantle in the UK:

Secondary level - Turves Green Boys School

This project was led by Richard Heathcote at Turves Green Boys School (UK). 

For more information about the school, go to the website:

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Class  A mixed ability Year 7 class at a UK secondary school

Curriculum:  Physical Education; PHSE - team work and leadership

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Sports R Us - promoting sport and healthy living

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The students look at photos and discuss the demands and appeal of different sports

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Building the 'Frame'

In groups, students experiment with different ideas for new games, including inventing the rules, and test them out on other people

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Introducing the 'commission' and the 'client'

A video is received from Steve Jones, a director at the Sports Council,, who invites the team to produce a new game which can be played by both able-bodied and disabled pupils in schools

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Fulfilling the 'commission' 

Tasks included: planning and 'trialling' new games; researching existing sports and how they are adapted for people with different disabilities 

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The 'publication'

The new game was videoed and submitted to the 'client'

You can see hear Richard Heathcote talking about his project at TGBS, in this video - which also features Luke Abbott

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